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Japanese Patent JP2000094345
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To provide a vice capable of smoothly and rapidly moving a movable jaw regardless of the distance between mutually adjacent articles, capable of being reliably fixed in the optional position of a device main body, and always easily and quickly performing clamping work for a work piece.

A plurality of locking parts 52 are arranged in relation to a device main body 10 at distances along the moving direction of a slide member 24, and an engaging member 58 capable of being engaged with the locking part 52 of the device main body 10 is arranged on the slide member 24 so as to be rotated between the engaging position to be engaged with the locking part 52 and the releasing position to release engagement. The engaging member 58 is rotated to the engaging position in the optional moving position of the slide member 24, the slide member 24 is fixed to the device main body 10, and the further movement of the slide member 24 is stopped.

酒井 正一
林 武男
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Publication Date:
April 04, 2000
Filing Date:
September 21, 1998
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International Classes:
B25B1/02; B25B1/00; B25B1/06; (IPC1-7): B25B1/06; B25B1/02
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中島 三千雄 (外2名)