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Japanese Patent JPS6447542
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PURPOSE: To conduct printing on a vinyl bag of a small lot with high efficiency at low cost by forming space between a plate cylinder and an impression cylinder, passing vinyl films or bags as an article to be printed one by one and performing direct printing.

CONSTITUTION: Both an escape section 43 for a plate cylinder 1 and an escape section 45 for an impression cylinder 2 are formed at the end sections of the same side, and space 46 is shaped between the opposed sections of both escape sections 43, 45. Vinyl bags 50 are continuously fed intermittently one by one by a feeder A, and positioned on printing one by one by a register mechanism B, the vinyl bags 50 are fed between the plate cylinder 1 and the impression cylinder 2, and ink on a plate 4 is transferred and printed on the vinyl bags 50 during a time when the plate cylinder 1 and the impression cylinder 2 make one revolution. The plate 4 consists of letterpress, and ink on the plate 4 can be printed at proper printing pressure even to the vinyl bags 50, thickness of which is not kept constant owing to gores 57, 58, etc. because a printing plate is projected when the plate 4 is stuck onto the surface of the plate cylinder 1. Accordingly, printing or vinyl bags of a small lot can be conducted with high efficiency at low cost.

Koshiro, Noritoshi
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February 22, 1989
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August 18, 1987
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B41F17/00; B41F5/24; B41F17/14; B41F31/06; (IPC1-7): B41F5/24; B41F17/00; B41F17/14; B41F31/06
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