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Japanese Patent JP3290826
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PURPOSE: To improve conversion efficiency by connecting an auxiliary snubber diode and an auxiliary snubber resistor in parallel between the node of first and second arc self-extinguishing elements and the negative-side terminal of a DC voltage source and connecting an auxiliary snubber circuit in series.
CONSTITUTION: When a load current Iu is made to flow through an output terminal U, a current being made to flow through an anode reactor LA is made to reflux on the path of LA→DS→DT→LA when an element S1 is tuned off, and energy stored in LA is consumed by the resistor RT. When the element S1 is turned on, the voltage of a snubber capacitor CS is discharged through DT, RT and LA, and consumed as heat energy. When S2 is turned on and the load current Iu is made to flow in the opposite direction, the load current Iu is made to flow through CS→DT→CT while being made to flow through the diode Dss and capacitor Css of an auxiliary snubber circuit when the element S2 is turned off, but the capacitor capacity of the snubber circuit to the upper and lower arm elements S1, S2 can be equalized. Accordingly, conversion efficiency can be improved.

Tanaka, Shigeru
Ohosu, Amaa Uiriamu
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Publication Date:
June 10, 2002
Filing Date:
August 31, 1994
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H02M1/06; H02M7/48; H02M7/515; H02M7/5387; (IPC1-7): H02M7/48; H02M1/06; H02M7/515; H02M7/5387
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鈴江 武彦