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Japanese Patent JPH1028608
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To enable bills and coins to be separately housed, even if they are mixedly put into a wallet from one place, by connecting the space between a bill containing part and a coin containing part with a passage that is smaller than the bill and larger than the coin, and by bently folding the passage so as to be closed when it is carried.

A wallet 1 is made up of a bill containing part 2, a coin containing part 3, and a passage 4 that connects these parts. The passage 4 is formed by a juncture 5 made of such as sewing or adhesion so as to be smaller than the bill and larger than the coin. A cover is fixed to the coin containing part by a juncture using such as a hook, magic tape and fastener, so that coins cannot be fallen down. First, a folding line is bent as a valley. Then, the folding line bent as a valley is joined by a juncture 6 using such as a hook, magic tape, and a fastener. By slightly tilting down the coin containing part 3, the coins put in the bill containing part 2 enter the coin containing part 3 through the passage 4. At that time, the bills remain the bill containing part because they are larger than the passage 4.

Matsuhashi, Toshiaki
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Publication Date:
February 03, 1998
Filing Date:
July 15, 1996
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A45C1/08; (IPC1-7): A45C1/08