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Japanese Patent JPS5461569
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PURPOSE: To ensure the change-over in water level by equally dividing an annular electrode of a washing and dehydrating both, which is provided to face the annular electrode of an outer bath, into divided electrodes and by connecting these electrodes with the electrode members depending to a preset water level line so that the change in electrostatic capacity is detected.

CONSTITUTION: A washing and dehydrating bath 9 is equipped with divided electrodes 14 and 14' in a manner to face the annular electrode 13 of an outer bath 10. Small electrode plates 15 and 16 are fixed to depend from the divided electrodes 14 and 14' to the higher and lower positions of a preset water level by means of lead wires. In the case of the lower water level detection, a water level change- over switch 6 is shifted to a lower water level side L. When the water surface contacts with the electrode plate 15 arranged in the lower water level position, the capacity between the divided electrode 14 connected with the elctrode plate 15 and the annular electrode 13 is introduced through the washing water into a water level controlling circuit 5 so that the capacity level between the annular electrode 13 and the earth is stepwise increased. In the case of the higher water level detection, the change- over switch 6 is shifted to a higher water level side H

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Publication Date:
May 17, 1979
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October 26, 1977
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G01F23/26; D06F39/08; G01F23/22; (IPC1-7): D06F39/08; G01F23/22