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Japanese Patent JP2001011748
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To provide a weaving method intended for cost reduction by the simplification and speed-up of an operation for incorporating a fabric with a gradation based on color shade through ground texture variation in the weaving step and also ensuring complicated and sophisticated gradation as well as large-scale gradation to be facilitated.

This weaving method comprises the following practice: the respective textures of a plural kinds of composite weaves are stored in a computer, and in order to express a gradation based on color shade through mutually and freely combining these textures, a pattern which expressed the combinational boundaries for the textures 1 to 5 as the corresponding lines (as shown in the figure) is drawn on a design paper, and then subjected to image processing to prepare a computer software which expressed a gradation; thereafter, using as warps or wefts, silk yarns or silk threads and color yarns or black yarns, a weaving operation is made using specific devices under the control of a jacquard machine by the computer software to present a pattern with the silk yarns and the color yarns or black yarns on the surface of a fabric along with presenting color shade for each of the textures and also presenting a ground pattern so that the combinational boundaries for the textures do not get out of order.

Umeda, Shigemitsu
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Publication Date:
January 16, 2001
Filing Date:
June 24, 1999
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D03D25/00; D03C3/24; D03C19/00; (IPC1-7): D03C19/00; D03C3/24; D03D25/00
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進藤 純一