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Japanese Patent JP2000095430
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To improve transcription efficiency of a transfer sheet decorating various products by holding wet type transfer sheets one by one by vacuum suction to carry them, sucking the corner parts of a base paper to separate it after the base paper of the sheet is saturated with water, and after removing the separate layer transcribing the sheet on a body to be transcribed.

When a wet type transfer sheet constituted by forming in order a water soluble separate layer and an adhesive layer on a base paper and providing a transfer layer formed with an image on the adhesive layer is transcribed on the surface of a product, the transfer sheets are laminatedly held on a paper feed part 7, the uppermost transfer sheet is held one by one with the suction head 84 of a carrying part 8 by vacuum suction, and it is carried to a separating part 9. On this separating part 9, at first the base paper of the transfer sheet is saturated with water by a water suction part 91, next the corner parts of the base paper saturated with water are sucked by a suction means to separate it, and succeedingly the separate layer is removed by a separate layer removing roller 96. Thereafter, the transfer layer is transcribed on the proper place of the surface of a product.

Morii, Kazuyoshi
Sugisawa, Eisuke
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Publication Date:
April 04, 2000
Filing Date:
September 18, 1998
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B44C1/175; B41F16/00; B41M3/12; B65H41/00; (IPC1-7): B65H41/00; B41M3/12; B44C1/175