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Japanese Patent JP2009144532
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To reduce the weight of a wind turbine generator and improve its reliability by eliminating uneven contact at a planetary bearing part of a planetary type planetary speed increaser by extending life of the planetary bearing part and reducing its size.

In the wind turbine generator for generating power by driving a generator by an axial output of the planetary speed increaser as a main shaft for integrally rotating with a rotor head to which a wind turbine blade is attached is accelerated via the planetary speed increaser, the planetary speed increaser is provided with a planetary gear 31 for rotating around a planetary pin 25 while revolving around it, the planetary bearing part 50 arranged between the planetary pin 25 and the planetary gear 31 is provided with rollers 60 between an inner ring 51 at a static side which is fixed to an outer circumference of the planetary pin 25 and an outer ring 55 for integrally rotating on its axis with the planetary gear 31. The inner ring 51 forms a spherical seat 52 on a contact surface and is separated into a pin side inner ring part 53 and a roller side inner ring part 54.

Yoshida, Takafumi
Shoda, Isahiko
Miyake, Hisao
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Publication Date:
July 02, 2009
Filing Date:
December 11, 2007
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International Classes:
F03D11/02; F03D1/06; F16C19/28; F16C23/08; F16C27/06; F16C33/58; F16H1/28; F16H57/021
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
藤田 考晴
上田 邦生