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Japanese Patent JP3734309
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To transfer a wire from a wire housing portion to a loading member with high positioning accuracy and securely chuck a large quantity of wire so as to efficiently supply the wire.
SOLUTION: In a wire supply device for arraying and supplying a plurality of wires, such as, wire diodes 2, to a loading frame, a slide chuck for holding portions near the other ends of the plurality of wire diodes 2 which are held in a rack housed in a magazine so as to transfer the wire diodes 2 to the loading frame is provided. The slide chuck includes fixed slide plates 38a, 38b and a moving slide plates 38c. Protrusions 38 of the fixed slide plates 38a, 38b and the moving slide plate 38c are caused to enter between the wire diodes 2, and the moving slide plate 38c is slid so that portions near the other ends of the wire diodes 2 are held from both lateral sides between the protrusions, thus transferring the wire diodes to the loading frame.

Kobayashi, Kazuhiko
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Publication Date:
October 28, 2005
Filing Date:
June 18, 1996
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B65G47/82; H01L21/56; B21F23/00; (IPC1-7): H01L21/56; B21F23/00; B65G47/82
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堀米 和春
綿貫 隆夫