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Japanese Patent JP2019129249
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To provide a small-sized wiring boad excellent in high frequency properties.SOLUTION: A wiring board comprises: an insulating layer 1b that has a flat surface; a conductor 2S for a signal that is located on the surface and has a meandering structure 8 including a folding pattern having openings and closings; inner areas 9 that are located between the openings and the closings on the insulating layer 1b; a conductor 2G for grounding that is on the surface and inside the insulating layer 1b and is located around the conductor 2S for the signal at an interval; via hole forming areas 5a that are located in the inner areas 9; and via holes 5G for grounding that are in the via hole forming areas 5a and have the conductor 2G for grounding located therein, where a diameter L1 of each via hole forming area 5a is larger than a diameter L2 of each opening, and the via holes 5G for grounding are located in a staggered manner between the inner areas 9 adjacent to each other in a plan view.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 2

酒井 太佳倫
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August 01, 2019
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January 25, 2018
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H01L23/12; H05K1/02