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Japanese Patent JP2019112801
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To provide a work vehicle capable of securely detecting abnormality in hydraulic pumps arranged on the work vehicle which is provided with the plurality of hydraulic pumps.SOLUTION: A work vehicle having a plurality of actuating parts comprises: a plurality of hydraulic actuators arranged corresponding to the plurality of actuating parts; a plurality of hydraulic pumps supplying hydraulic oil to at least one hydraulic actuator; a plurality of pressure sensors 51 to 53 detecting each of delivery pressures of the plurality of hydraulic pumps; an actuating condition determination part 54 determining actuating conditions created through combining the plurality of actuating parts; and an abnormality determination part 56 determining an abnormality occurrence in at least one hydraulic pump when a second relation, which is a relation of delivery pressures between the plurality of hydraulic pumps detected by the pressure sensors 51 to 53, is different from a first relation, which is a relation of preset delivery pressures between the plurality of hydraulic pumps corresponding to actuation conditions determined by the actuating condition determination part 54, as a comparison result of the first relation and the second relation.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 6

奥山 昌紀
柴田 智弘
高橋 実寛
稲積 洸人
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Publication Date:
July 11, 2019
Filing Date:
December 22, 2017
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E02F9/24; E02F9/22; E02F9/26; F15B20/00
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特許業務法人 ユニアス国際特許事務所