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An exterior roofing board panel provided with integral-type air / water cover film
Document Type and Number:
Japanese Patent JP2016520443
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Michael Py shake (United States of America Illinois 60051 Jones Berg Ivy Lane 3404)
Robert h Negri (United States of America Illinois 60046 Lake Vila Kevin avenue 68)
Paula Mcknignt (United States of America Illinois 60462 Orland Park Saint Andrews drive 15318)
Pole ship (United States of America Illinois 60048 Libertyville クラリッジ drive 1121)
The James M you let (United States of America Illinois 60050 McHenry Sunrise view 3210)
Timothy Gee Kenny (United States of America Illinois 60002 アンティ oak West Deere ridge rain 24205)
Bullet Earl Rink (United States of America Illinois 60102 Algonquin Harper coat 2)
Pamela Hernandez (United States of America Ohio 44256 メディーナ East Smith load 4140)
Christine Schulte (United States of America Ohio 44113 Cleveland Jefferson avenue 710 Number 203)
Dante Marimpietri (United States of America Ohio 44060 mentor ウィックス Ford Lane 5342)
Cayce ソヴェイ (United States of America Ohio 44094 Cartland Fair view avenue 7723)
ムニアー Mohammad (United States of America Ohio 44212 ブランス Wick Constitution drive 1154)
Dominick Cremona (United States of America Ohio 44129 permanent wave Brownfield drive 5614)
Ellen ゼルーチャ (United States of America Ohio 44122 Beachwood Green load 3735)
Scotti Lee Stinson (United States of America Texas 75033 フリスコ Cottage glove drive 13308)
Application Number:
Publication Date:
July 14, 2016
Filing Date:
March 14, 2014
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United states ジプサム company (The United States of America, Illinois, Chicago, and the waist Adams Street 550)
Tremco In condominium lei テッド (American 44122 Ohio, Beachwood, green Load 3735)
International Classes:
B28B1/30; B32B13/14; C04B24/12; C04B28/00; C04B41/63; E04B1/66; E04C2/04; E04D12/00
Domestic Patent References:
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Mitsuru Kimura
Takanori Menju
Taiji Morikawa
Kei Sakurada