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WIPO Patent Application WO/2008/059740
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Provided is an accumulator having a plurality of electrolyte layers which are layered via electrode bodies. In the accumulator, heat radiation is lower at the center layer than at the outer layer. Accordingly, irregularities are caused in the temperature distribution in the layered direction by charge and discharge. The irregularities change resistance values of the respective layers of the accumulator, which in turn causes irregularities in outputs between the layers. Thus, it is impossible to uniformly charge/discharge the respective layers. This problem can be solved as follows. In the accumulator (102), the resistance value of the electrolyte layer at the center position where the heat radiation is low is set to a value greater than the resistance value of the electrolyte layer at the outer position where the heat radiation is high.

NAKAMURA, Yoshiyuki (1 Toyota-cho, Toyota-sh, Aichi 71, 4718571, JP)
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May 22, 2008
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November 07, 2007
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TOYOTA JIDOSHA KABUSHIKI KAISHA (1 Toyota-cho, Toyota-shi Aichi, 71, 4718571, JP)
トヨタ自動車株式会社 (〒71 愛知県豊田市トヨタ町1番地 Aichi, 4718571, JP)
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H01M10/04; H01G9/025; H01G11/08; H01G11/10; H01G11/22; H01G11/54; H01G11/56; H01G11/84; H01M10/05; H01M10/0562; H01M10/0565; H01M10/0566; H01M10/0585
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MIZUNO, Katsufumi et al. (721 Marunouchi-Nakadori Bldg, 2-3 Marunouchi 2-chom, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 05, 1000005, JP)
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