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WIPO Patent Application WO/2013/137661
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The present invention relates to an accupressure device for fingers which uses spring force and the lever principle, and one object thereof is to deal with the inconvenience caused by the difference in size of the fingers of different people and the difference in the degree to which tenderness is accepted without having to make a change in a power source such as a spring. A leaf spring, in which a hole is bored so that a finger can pass through the hole, is used as the power source in order to mount upper and lower bodies, an acupressure plate is mounted in a replaceable manner on a compressing portion of the body, and the distance is adjusted with the combination of upper and lower acupressure plates so that the strength of the pressure can suit individual preferences. The acupressure plates have different R values for adjusting the strength of the pressure caused by the difference in distance, and asymmetrical acupressure protrusions are formed in left and right, vertical, and diagonal directions so that different pressure and sensations can be selected by rotating the acupressure plate by 90 degrees and coupling the acupressure plates with each other. Also, acupressure can be administered in all of the transverse, oblique, and horizontal directions of the acupressure device through the rotation and coupling of the acupressure plates.

WON, Jongmoon (111-404 HanJin APT, 346 HeangDang-dong SeongDong-gu,Seoul, Seoul 133-777, 133-777, KR)
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September 19, 2013
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March 14, 2013
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WON, Jongmoon (111-404 HanJin APT, 346 HeangDang-dong SeongDong-gu,Seoul, Seoul 133-777, 133-777, KR)
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A61H39/04; B29C45/00
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