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WIPO Patent Application WO/2018/018176
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An acidity difference battery which resolves the problem that existing chemical batteries cannot work for a long term. The acidity difference battery comprises a battery case (1); separators (2) are provided in the battery case (1) and separate the interior of the battery case (1) into acid areas (4) and alkali areas (3); corresponding electrodes (5) are respectively stationed in the acid areas (4) and the alkali areas (3); the separators (2) are nylon mesh sheets; an aqueous glycine solution is added to electrolytes in the acid areas (4) and the alkali areas (3); in the nylon mesh sheets, hydrogen ions and glycine cations electrically migrate to the acid areas (4), and hydroxide anions and glycine anions electrically migrate to the alkali areas (3); in the acid areas (4), the glycine cations release hydrogen ions for supplementation when the hydrogen ions are consumed; in the alkali areas (3), the glycine anions react with water to release hydroxide anions when the hydroxide anions are consumed; glycine diffuses into the separators (2) under the action of a concentration difference and is then hydrolyzed, thereby forming a circulation. The acidity difference battery realizes a process of converting environment heat energy into chemical energy and then converting the chemical energy into electric energy, and thus has long-term working ability.

JING, Lin (No.11, New Street Jianxing Town, Nanbu Count, Nanchong Sichuan 0, 637000, CN)
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February 01, 2018
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August 15, 2016
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JING, Lin (No.11, New Street Jianxing Town, Nanbu Count, Nanchong Sichuan 0, 637000, CN)
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