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WIPO Patent Application WO/2011/082983
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The present invention relates to sound damping of air conditioning systems in an aircraft. The invention in particular relates to an air conditioning air duct for an aircraft, and to an aircraft having air conditioning air ducts. In order to provide an air conditioner air duct optimized for installed space and weight for use in an aircraft, by means of which the best possible sound damping properties are achieved at the same time, an air conditioner air duct (50) having a sound damping effect is provided, comprising a sound damping wall (52) at least partially enclosing a continuous hollow space (54) for carrying the air, wherein the continuous hollow space has an air inlet opening (56) and an air outlet opening (58), wherein the hollow space for carrying air is immediately adjacent to the wall. The wall (52) comprises a multilayer construction having a core layer (60) and at least one first cover layer (62). The core layer (60) is made of a sound absorbing, open pore core material, so that the wall comprises an acoustic effect. The first cover layer (62) is designed to be airtight, and is disposed on the outer face of the core layer (60), and is areally bonded to the core layer (60). The areal bond between the core layer (60) and the first cover layer (62) brings about a composite effect, such that the wall (52) is self-supporting and comprises a structural function, in order to be able to transmit mechanical loads to load bearing parts of the aircraft, so that the wall also has a load bearing effect.

THOMAS, Christian (Oeverseestr. 10, Hamburg, 22769, DE)
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October 20, 2011
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December 14, 2010
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AIRBUS OPERATIONS GMBH (Kreetslag 10, Hamburg, 21129, DE)
THOMAS, Christian (Oeverseestr. 10, Hamburg, 22769, DE)
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B64D13/00; F16L9/21
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KOPF, Korbinian (Maiwald Patentanwalts GmbH, Elisenhof Elisenstr. 3, M√ľnchen, 80335, DE)
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