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WIPO Patent Application WO/2017/041870
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The invention relates to an active chassis for a two-track vehicle, having a wheel suspension, in which a wheel carrier (1) carrying a vehicle wheel (HR) is connected to the vehicle structure (7) via connecting rods (3, 5), wherein the camber behaviour of the vehicle wheel (HR) is determined by a mechanical camber curve (SM) provided by the rigid kinematics of the connecting rods (3, 5), which defines a mechanical adjustment of the camber angle (ε) of the vehicle wheel (HR) depending on a spring path (d) of the vehicle structure (7), and having a camber actuator (15) which can be actuated by a chassis control device (29) for carrying out an active camber angle adjustment, so that in the event of a change in the load state (mz, lz) of the vehicle the vehicle structure (7) springs in or out along a spring path (d), and namely with a mechanical camber angle adjustment corresponding thereto. According to the invention, an evaluation unit (37) is assigned to the control device (29), which actuates the camber actuator (15) in the event of a change in the load state (mz, lz) in order to at least partially counteract in particular the mechanical camber angle adjustment through an active camber angle adjustment, or in order to support same.

UNGER, Andreas (Gabelsberger Str. 5, Gaimersheim, 85080, DE)
SCHMID, Wolfgang (Angerstr. 14, Freising, 85354, DE)
SCHAAF, Uli (Lessingstr. 2, Lenting, 85101, DE)
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Publication Date:
March 08, 2018
Filing Date:
August 01, 2016
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AUDI AG (85045 Ingolstadt, DE)
International Classes:
B60G7/00; B60G3/26; B60G17/016; B60G17/017; B60G17/018; B60G21/055; B62D17/00
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