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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/129760
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The present invention relates to an adaptive synchronization device for demodulating a signal in linear modulation (x). The device functions from a sampled version of the signal (x). The device being characterized in that it comprises: - at least one synchronization module (F) comprising: - at least one first sub-module (Fn) arranged to deliver a first output signal (y) from the input signal (x) received at a period (T) less than the value (I) with (B) the bandwidth of the input signal (x); this first sub– module (Fn) is capable of compensating a transmission delay of the input signal (x) by estimation of the propagation delay (τ) between a transmitter and a receiver of a transmission medium; this first sub-module adapts the rate at its output to one sample per symbol; - at least one second sub–module (Fu) arranged to deliver a corrective (δτ) to be applied to the current estimation of the delay (τ), from an error term (w) defining the decision error of the device and the influence of the processings downstream of the first sub-module (F); - at least one correction module of transmission imperfections (H), disposed downstream of the synchronization module (F) and forming a correction chain of transmission imperfections of the first output signal (y) received by this module (H) at the rhythm T, and comprising: - at least one first sub–module (Hn) arranged to deliver a second output signal (z) at the rhythm (T) estimating a stream of emitted symbols (ai); - at least one second sub–module (Hp) configured to deliver the error term (w), by application of a correction to an error term (v) for estimation of symbols to consider the influence of the processings included in the first sub-module (Hn).

COURTAT, Thomas (2 rue Sainte Lucie, Paris, 75015, FR)
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September 26, 2019
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December 22, 2018
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AVANTIX (655 Avenue Galilée Bâtiment Horizon BP, 13794 Aix-en-provence, 13794, FR)
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DEBAY, Yves (126 Elysee 2, La Celle ST Cloud, 78170, FR)
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