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WIPO Patent Application WO/2012/091057
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An adsorption heat pump comprises an adsorbing apparatus, an evaporating apparatus, and a heat exchange means for obtaining a cold heat. The adsorbing apparatus comprises a light-transmissive outside container and an inside container arranged in the outside container, wherein a heat-insulating space having a vacuum state is formed between the outer surface of the inside container and the inner surface of the outside container. In the inside of the inside container, an adsorbent material is filled, wherein the adsorbent material can adsorb an adsorbate from an atmosphere or can desorb an adsorbate that has been adhered onto the adsorbent material into the atmosphere depending on the temperature of the atmosphere and the partial pressure of the adsorbate in the atmosphere. The evaporating apparatus is communicated with the inside of the inside container through a flow path through which at least a gas can flow, and can evaporate the adsorbate that has been liquefied in the inside in the situations where the adsorbate is adsorbed by the adsorbent material, or can collect the adsorbate in a coagulated state in the situations where the adsorbate desorbed from the adsorbent material is coagulated. In the heat exchange means for obtaining a cold heat, in the situations where the temperature of the inside of the evaporating apparatus is decreased in association with the evaporation of the adsorbate in the evaporating apparatus, heat exchange between the evaporating apparatus and the heat exchange means is achieved to extract a cold heat from evaporating apparatus.

MIURA, Katsunori (2-1846 Kouzoji-cho, Kasugai-sh, Aichi 13, 〒4870013, JP)
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July 05, 2012
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December 27, 2011
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FUJI SILYSIA CHEMICAL LTD. (2-1846, Kouzoji-cho Kasugai-sh, Aichi 13, 〒4870013, JP)
富士シリシア化学株式会社 (〒13 愛知県春日井市高蔵寺町ニ丁目1846番地 Aichi, 〒4870013, JP)
ITO, Mutsuhiro (2-1846 Kouzoji-cho, Kasugai-sh, Aichi 13, 〒4870013, JP)
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F25B17/08; F25B35/04
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NAGOYA INTERNATIONAL PATENT FIRM (Meishin Bldg, 20-19 Nishiki 1-chome, Naka-ku, Nagoya-sh, Aichi 03, 〒4600003, JP)
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