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WIPO Patent Application WO/2018/043363
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The present invention makes the metering chamber of a metering valve of an aerosol container larger and makes it possible to dispense the contents of the metering chamber to the outside more completely. An aerosol metering valve is made of a housing 11, a valve stem 12, a suction tube 17 provided at the lower end of the housing 11, a metering chamber 15 provided inside the housing 11, and a coil spring 13 for constantly biasing the valve stem 12 upward. When the valve stem 12 is pressed down, the content flow channel is closed and a constant volume of the contents retained in the metering chamber 15 during non-use is sprayed. The metering chamber 15 is disposed below the biasing member 13 and is formed in a roughly cylindrical shape with an outer diameter greater than the outer diameter of the housing 11. Additionally, the metering chamber 15 is made of an inner metering chamber 15i and an outer metering chamber 15j. The two metering chambers 15i and 15j are in communication at the lower edge of a ring-shaped partition wall 15k that partitions the inner metering chamber 15i from the outer metering chamber 15j.

TAKAHASHI Naoki (Ltd. 121 Aza Maruyama, Ryoke, Ageo-sh, Saitama 66, 〒3620066, JP)
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March 08, 2018
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August 26, 2017
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EARTH CHEMICAL CO., LTD. (12-1, Kanda-Tsukasamachi 2-chome Chiyoda-k, Tokyo 48, 〒1010048, JP)
MARUICHI CO., LTD. (121 Aza Maruyama, Ryoke Ageo-sh, Saitama 66, 〒3620066, JP)
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B65D83/54; B05B9/04
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SAKANO Tetsuzo (TSK Bldg. 10F. 2-8, Uchihonmachi 1-chome Chuo-ku, Osaka-sh, Osaka 26, 〒5400026, JP)
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