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WIPO Patent Application WO/2017/188528
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An air cleaner according to an embodiment of the present invention comprises: a plurality of tape-type plus electrodes wound in cassette tape types using a conductive material and arranged in parallel with an ionic wind while being spaced from one another; a transmission drum that rotates/drives in one direction in an initial state in which the tape-type plus electrodes are wound; a plurality of take-up drums that rotate/drive in a different direction such that the tape-type plus electrodes, which are rotated and unwound from the transmission drum, are wound again; a plurality of brush-type minus electrodes arranged between respective tape-type plus electrodes, which are spaced from one another, and made of a conductive material such that a high voltage is applied thereto; a plate-shaped minus electrode spaced and arranged to be positioned on a straight line together with the brush-type minus electrodes and made of a conductive material such that a high voltage is applied thereto; and a controller that controls rotational driving of super-low-speed traveling and intermittent traveling such that the tape-type plus electrodes, which are wound around the transmission drum, are wound around the take-up drum. The air cleaner is characterized in that a high-voltage is applied among the tape-type plus electrodes, the brush-type minus electrodes, and the plate-shaped minus electrode, thereby generating a minus ionic wind through a corona discharge, and the same circulates among the electrodes such that micro-dust in the air adheres to the tape-type plus electrodes.

JANG, Yoon Hyun (203 22, Nambusunhwan-ro 265-gilDongjak-gu, Seoul, 07024, KR)
KANG, Seok Jea (505 72, Digital-ro 26-gilGuro-gu, Seoul, 08393, KR)
TERATANI, Yasuo (4-5 Higashikoen, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka, 812-0045, JP)
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November 02, 2017
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October 28, 2016
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ALMUS INTERNATIONAL (409 72, Digital-ro 26-gil Guro-gu, Seoul,Guro-gu, Seoul, 08393, KR)
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B03C3/04; B03C3/40; B03C3/41; B03C3/45
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LEE, Changjae et al. (21065, Digital-ro 9-gilGeumcheon-gu, Seoul, 08511, KR)
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