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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/202734
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This air conditioner comprises: a refrigerant circuit which is configured by a compressor driven by a motor, an outdoor heat exchanger, an expansion unit, and an indoor heat exchanger which are connected by pipes, and circulates a refrigerant therethrough; an infrared sensor which detects the temperature of an indoor object for which temperature is to be detected; an outside air temperature sensor which detects outdoor temperature; and a control unit which controls the operation of the refrigerant circuit. The control unit has: a standby power reduction means for shutting off the supply of power to an outdoor unit when operation stop is instructed; a restricted energization means for energizing the motor on the basis of the outside air temperature information detected by the outside air temperature sensor; and a switching means for switching between using the standby power reduction means and the restricted energization means on the basis of the temperature information of the object as detected by the infrared sensor.

NAKAMURA, Toshinori (7-3 Marunouchi 2-chome, Chiyoda-k, Tokyo 10, 〒1008310, JP)
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October 24, 2019
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April 20, 2018
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MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CORPORATION (7-3 Marunouchi 2-chome, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, 10, 〒1008310, JP)
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F24F11/88; F24F11/46; F24F11/61
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KISA PATENT & TRADEMARK FIRM (East 8F, TORANOMON TWIN BLDG. 10-1 Toranomon 2-chome, Minato-k, Tokyo 01, 〒1050001, JP)
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