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WIPO Patent Application WO/2011/124325
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The invention relates to an air spring, in particular for spring wheel suspensions of motor vehicle chassis, comprising a cylindrical air spring rolling lobe (10), which connects an air spring piston (8) to an air spring cover (4) to form a tight air chamber (12) and which is made of an elastomeric material and which rolls with the outer jacket surface of the rolling lobe on the air spring piston (8) on the air spring piston side and on an outer guide (14) on the air spring cover side in order to change the air chamber volume between a level with the air spring piston (8) retracted and a level with the air spring piston (8) extended and which forms a rolling fold, wherein the outer guide (14) has an elastomer hose (16) having a reinforcing insert. The outer guide (14) comprises a spiral spring that is integrated into the elastomer hose (16) and that can be loaded in tension when the air spring piston is retracted, and the spiral spring is connected to the air spring cover (4) and to the air spring bottom (6), wherein the axial length of the outer guide (14) can be varied according to the spring motion of the air spring (2).

WILLEMS, Marco (Daucherstrasse 27, Ingolstadt, 85053, DE)
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February 28, 2013
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March 10, 2011
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AUDI AG (85045 Ingolstadt, DE)
WILLEMS, Marco (Daucherstrasse 27, Ingolstadt, 85053, DE)
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F16F3/12; F16F9/05; F16F9/38
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ASCH, Konrad (Audi AG, Patentabteilung, Ingolstadt, 85045, DE)
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