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WIPO Patent Application WO/2004/095665
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The anion generator of the present invention is mainly composed of casing, interior circuit, ion emission head, etc.. The casing comprise insulating case and conductive grate, the interior circuit mainly comprise power circuit and oscillation boosting circuit. The power circuit comprise AC power supply circuit and DC power supply circuit which supply power for the oscillation boosting circuit alternately through change-over switch. The oscillation boosting circuit is composed of oscillation circuit, boosting circuit, multilevel dual voltage circuit. The character of the present invention is that, conductive grate on the casing has charge, so the diffusion of anion is accelerated; the said boosting circuit employs sheet piezoelectric ceramics transformer for boosting, which is sample and small, and without protection circuit; and protection resistance is connected between the multilevel dual voltage circuit and the emission head. The circuit, casing and conductive grate of the invention is novel, so it’s small and no protection circuit, high boosting ratio, safe and stabilized, low electromagnetic interference, fireretardant. The present invention could be used for the production of air-condition, automobile, household electric appliances, beautification and health protection, etc..

Chen, Yaogang (No.40, Gaoxin Liulu Xi An, Shanxi 5, 71006, CN)
Hou, Zhijun (No.40, Gaoxin Liulu Xi An, Shanxi 5, 71006, CN)
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November 04, 2004
Filing Date:
June 05, 2003
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XI'AN H-LEADER NEGATIVE ION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. (No.40, Gaoxin Liulu Xi An, Shanxi 5, 71006, CN)
Chen, Yaogang (No.40, Gaoxin Liulu Xi An, Shanxi 5, 71006, CN)
Hou, Zhijun (No.40, Gaoxin Liulu Xi An, Shanxi 5, 71006, CN)
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H01T23/00; H05C3/00; (IPC1-7): H01T23/00
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BEIJING BEIXIN-ZHICHENG INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AGENT CO., LTD (No.16, Xizhimen Nandajie Xicheng District, Beijing 5, 10003, CN)
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