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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/093472
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An anti-reflection structure (1) is provided with an anti-reflection film (11) that is provided to the surface (10a) of a base material (10). The anti-reflection film (11) has formed therein a plurality of holes (12) which are spatially arrayed in a periodic manner and which penetrate the front and back surfaces. The array pattern of the holes (12) is a square grid pattern, and the holes (12) each have a circular shape. The specific dielectric constant of the anti-reflection film (11) is adjusted by the radii r of the holes (12) or a square grid spatial period S. The thickness and the specific dielectric constant of the anti-reflection film (11) are set according to the specific dielectric constant and the thickness of the base material (10) and the incident angle θ of an electromagnetic wave. For the electromagnetic wave (e.g., millimeter wave) which is incident at the angle θ, this structure is set, for example, such that an electromagnetic wave reflected on the anti-reflection film (11) provided on the base material front surface side and an electromagnetic wave reflected on the back surface (exit side) of the base material (10) are misaligned by a half wavelength and cancel each other.

ABE, Yoshihiro (1-1 Showa-cho, Kariya-cit, Aichi 61, 〒4488661, JP)
WATANABE, Toshiaki (41-1 Yokomichi, Nagakute-sh, Aichi 92, 〒4801192, JP)
MATSUZAWA, Shinichiro (41-1 Yokomichi, Nagakute-sh, Aichi 92, 〒4801192, JP)
Application Number:
Publication Date:
May 16, 2019
Filing Date:
November 09, 2018
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DENSO CORPORATION (1-1 Showa-cho, Kariya-city Aichi, 61, 〒4488661, JP)
International Classes:
G02B1/111; B32B7/023; G01S7/03
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
TOHDA, Kiyoshi (PDI Patent & Trademark Firm, KOJIMACHI MK BLDG. 3F 3-30, Kojimachi 4, Chiyoda-k, Tokyo 83, 〒1020083, JP)
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