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WIPO Patent Application WO/2018/151120
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Provided is a novel article overturn prevention device that is capable of preventing an article placed on a placement board from falling due to vibrations from earthquakes, etc., without using any electrically operated member as a component. The present invention is provided with an overturn prevention member 45: which has a left end connected to a left-rotation rod 15 rotatably supported on a left spindle 13 arranged partway along the front-end side; which has a right end connected to a right-rotation rod 16 rotatably supported on a right spindle 14 arranged partway along the front-end side or the rear-end side; which descends or rotates due to the rotation of the left-rotation rod 15 and the right-rotation rod 16 when the load from the article W is supported by a load support member 17 for supporting all or a part of the load of the article W; and which is positioned on the front side of the article W when the overturn prevention member 45 has descended to the lowest position. When the overturn prevention member 45 has descended to the lowest position, an insertion space into which an article lifting means is inserted from the front-surface side is formed therebelow.

KATAYAMA, Kazuhiro (130-1, Yanabenakamachi 4-chome, Handa-sh, Aichi 61, 〒4750961, JP)
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Publication Date:
August 23, 2018
Filing Date:
February 14, 2018
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WEIGHT TOKAI CO., LTD. (130-1, Yanabenakamachi 4-chome Handa-sh, Aichi 61, 〒4750961, JP)
International Classes:
B65G1/14; A47B96/00
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TSUJITA, Tomoko (8F Queen's Tower A, 2-3-1, Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-sh, Kanagawa 08, 〒2206008, JP)
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