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WIPO Patent Application WO/2018/043157
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An artificial nail is provided that has a simple configuration and comprises a display function whereby the display content can be changed. A thin-film, transparent electrode (ITO) is formed as a common electrode layer 13 on the lower surface of a transparent main body 11 machined in a nail shape. A display sheet 12 machined in a shape that follows the lower surface of the main body 11 is fixed to the lower surface of the main body 11 such that the upper surface of the display sheet 12 is covered by the common electrode layer 13. The common electrode layer 13 constitutes a common electrode 102 for electronic paper and the display sheet 12 constitutes a display layer 101 for the electronic paper. The display layer 101 display and the change in display content occurs in a state in which the artificial nail 1 is not attached to the nail and by using an overwriting device that provides a driver layer 103 function for the electronic paper to the artificial nail 1.

KATO Yasuo (2-2-1 Hayabuchi, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama-sh, Kanagawa 58, 〒2248558, JP)
KAWASOE Tomoyuki (2-2-1 Hayabuchi, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama-sh, Kanagawa 58, 〒2248558, JP)
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Publication Date:
March 08, 2018
Filing Date:
August 18, 2017
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SHISEIDO COMPANY, LTD. (5-5 Ginza 7-chome, Chuo-ku Tokyo, 61, 〒1040061, JP)
International Classes:
A45D31/00; G02F1/167; G09F9/00; G02F1/13
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
SATO Katsushi (Sato Patent Firm, MiyashiroKaikan 3F 9-26, Daikancho, Hiratsuka-sh, Kanagawa 07, 〒2540807, JP)
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