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WIPO Patent Application WO/2018/043158
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An artificial nail system whereby continually changing display content is displayed on an artificial nail. A coil (141) is provided in an artificial nail (1), as a power-receiving element (14) for receiving power using magnetic field resonance. When a power-transmission device (2) having provided therein a coil (231), wound on the same axis as the ring of an annular body (201) as a power-transmission element (23), is attached to the wrist as a bracelet and a finger is in a naturally bent posture, the coil provided as a power-transmission element (23) and the coil provided in the artificial nail (1) as the power-receiving element (14) face each other inside the annular body (201) and power is efficiently supplied from the power-transmission device (2) to the artificial nail (1). A video display or slide show display occurs on a flexible display (11) in the artificial nail (1), using supplied power.

KATO Yasuo (2-2-1 Hayabuchi, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama-sh, Kanagawa 58, 〒2248558, JP)
KAWASOE Tomoyuki (2-2-1 Hayabuchi, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama-sh, Kanagawa 58, 〒2248558, JP)
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Publication Date:
March 08, 2018
Filing Date:
August 18, 2017
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SHISEIDO COMPANY, LTD. (5-5 Ginza 7-chome, Chuo-ku Tokyo, 61, 〒1040061, JP)
International Classes:
A45D31/00; G09F9/00; H02J7/00; H02J50/05; H02J50/12; H02J50/15
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
SATO Katsushi (Sato Patent Firm, MiyashiroKaikan 3F 9-26, Daikancho, Hiratsuka-sh, Kanagawa 07, 〒2540807, JP)
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