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WIPO Patent Application WO/2015/015590
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Provided is an assemblable chair which is capable of being used comfortably by men and women of all ages, such as infants, toddlers, children, and adults. The assemblable chair is provided with: a pair of frames, each having a straight side portion, and a curved side portion which integrally extends from an end portion of the straight side portion; a plurality of connecting frames which are removably mounted between the pair of frames; a plurality of pairs of concave portions which are disposed on opposing inner side surfaces of the pair of frames; a plurality of support bars for which both end portions thereof are fit into respective concave portions; and a sheet which is removably mounted between the pair of frames and between one supporting bar and another supporting bar or connecting rod. On each of both end portions of the sheet are formed respective cylindrical portions, and supporting bars or connecting rods are passed through these cylindrical portions. On at least one end portion of the sheet, across a support bar that has passed through the cylindrical portion and a support bar accompanying the same, the sheet is wound around the outer periphery thereof, and the length of the sheet is adjusted, and in such a state, the support bars or connecting rods at both end portions of the sheet are fit into respective concave portions of the frames.

MATSUMOTO Junya (19 Yokomichi Nagakute-sh, Aichi 18, 〒4801118, JP)
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February 05, 2015
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July 31, 2013
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GRANDOIR LTD. (19 Yokomichi, Nagakute-shi Aichi, 18, 〒4801118, JP)
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A47D11/02; A47C3/34; A47C5/06; A47C7/24; A47D1/00
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IRIYAMA Hiromasa (7th Floor, Yato Bldg. 2-8-14, Kamimaezu, Naka-ku, Nagoya-sh, Aichi 13, 〒4600013, JP)
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