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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/071050
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A metallic diaphragm disk (22, 266, 266', 266'') incorporating a piezoelectric material (24, 24', 24.1, 24.2, 24', 24'') bonded thereto and operatively coupled to a base rim (14, 62, 262) of a housing (18, 18', 66, 256) provides for closing an open-ended cavity (20, 20', 270) at the first end (18.1, 18.1') of the housing (18, 18', 66, 256). In one aspect (10', 10'', 10''a, 10''b, 10'''), plastic film (46) adhesively bonded (48, 52) to at least one of an outer rim (47) of the housing (18, 18', 66) or an outer-facing surface (22.2) of the disk (22) provides for receiving an adhesive acoustic interface material (55, 56) to provide for coupling the sound-or-vibration sensor (10', 10'', 10''a, 10''b, 10''') to the skin (36) of a test subject (34). In another aspect (10'''', 10a'''', 10b'''', 10c''''), an outer-facing surface (258.1) of a base portion (258) of the housing (256) provides for receiving an adhesive acoustic interface material (55, 56) to provide for coupling the housing (256) to the skin (36) of a test subject (34), at least one inertial mass (272.1, 272.2) is operatively coupled to a central portion (26, 26.1, 26.2) of the metallic diaphragm disk (266, 266', 266''), and the opening in the first end of the housing (256) is closed with a cover (280).

MARTIN, Simon (7. Rue Jacques-Gervais, Gatineau, Québec J9H 2L4, 2L4, CA)
MORTON, Steven P (305 Glenbrae Ave, Kanata, Ontario K2W 0B9, 0B9, CA)
ARMSTRONG, Mark W. (53 Perrin Ave, Ottawa, Ontario K2J 2X6, 2X6, CA)
GRIFFIN, Robert J. (914-100 Observatory Lane, Richmond Hill, Ontario L4C 1T4, 1T4, CA)
TELENKOV, Sergey A. (1333 Klondike Rd, Ottawa, Ontario K2W 0C5, 0C5, CA)
LASKA, Brady (4 Short Road, Arnprior, Ontario K7S 0B9, 0B9, CA)
DEWAR, Anthony (32 View Pointe, Ottawa, Ontario K1V 1M5, 1M5, CA)
JASTRZEBSKI, Camilla (50 Ashburn Drive, Ottawa, Ontario K2E 6N3, 6N3, CA)
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June 06, 2019
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October 04, 2018
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AUSCULSCIENCES, INC. (8230 Leesburg Pike, Suite 620C/O NV COMMERCIA, Vienna Virginia, 22182, US)
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A61B7/04; H04R17/02
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VAN VOORHIES, Kurt L. (Kurt L. VanVoorhies, Ph.D. P.E., P.C.,P.O. Box 6, DeTour Village MI, 49725, US)
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