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WIPO Patent Application WO/2013/070799
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The disclosed Personal Mass Transit (PMT) system utilizes a removable vehicle conveyance apparatus and method for conveying transit vehicle car-pods and their contents from one transit station to another autonomously. Vehicle conveyance apparatus are stored off-line in storage silos and other areas awaiting on-demand transit system instruction to pickup vehicles at loading points and convey them to different stations as requested by occupants or pre-programmed instructions. The PMT system further utilizes a plurality of transmitter-receivers nodes and control computers to manage all aspects of operation of the transportation system. Any number of different types of PMT vehicles could ride the transit system when equipped with the correct coupling points and remain under the maximum combined curb weight of any particular area or type of transit track in order to be transported on the PMT system. Personal Mass Transit allows for complete freedom of travel. There are no scheduled trains to make or miss and no bridge tolls to wait in line for, thus reducing the need to own a car at all. Many types of PMT transit stations are included in the scope of the invention, some as simple as a loading track while others large enough to accommodate car-pods in stand-by mode parked together charging on-board batteries. Personal Mass Transit is an on-demand public mass transit system with both public and privately owned vehicle car-pods. Personal Mass Transit allows for individual schedules, private compartments and hands-free commuting. The transit system offers an efficient way to move people and commerce in a compact manner and store transport apparatus in silos away from the track system to additionally minimize space and environmental impact. The elevated tracks are protected from inclement weather with a protective weather shroud that would also offer a mounting place for solar collectors to help power the system during the day. The daily commute becomes a sanctuary of privacy and comfort as car-pods fly along transit tracks with riders reading the morning paper and drinking a cup of coffee; commuters are free to do as they please while automated transit does the driving.

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LACABE, Keith Andrew (350 Molimo Drive, San Francisco, CA, 94127, US)
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July 18, 2013
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November 07, 2012
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LACABE, Keith Andrew (350 Molimo Drive, San Francisco, CA, 94127, US)
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B61B13/04; B61B15/00; B61J1/12
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VINCENT, Lester J. et al. (Blakely, Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman LLP,1279 Oakmead Parkwa, Sunnyvale CA, 94085, US)
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