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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/028981
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An automatic hair sewing machine, comprising a four-shaft movement assembly (20), a thread cutting assembly (1), a compression bar assembly (2), an air duct support (3), a hair sewing machine head (4), an accommodating member (5) and a machine stand (6); the four-shaft movement assembly (20) comprises a front and rear shaft assembly (7), a left and right shaft assembly (8), a rotary shaft assembly (9) and a lifting shaft module assembly (10), the accommodating member (5) is connected to the rotary shaft assembly (9), an operation screen (15) is provided on the machine stand (6), the four-shaft movement assembly (20), the hair sewing machine head (4), the thread cutting assembly (1) and the air duct support (3) are all mounted on the machine stand (6), and the compression bar assembly (2) is fixed on the upper part of the air duct support (3); a winding mechanism (13) comprises a thread feeding mechanism (16) and a thread feeding rod (17). The automatic hair sewing machine performs rotation movement along a spherical surface by means of the front and rear shaft assembly (7), the left and right shaft assembly (8), the rotary shaft assembly (9) and the lifting shaft module assembly (10), and automatically adjusts the position, placing a doll above a crochet hook assembly (11), achieving fully automated operation by means of the cooperation of the compression bar assembly (2) and the thread cutting assembly (1), being easy to operate for the employee without safety concerns, rotating to different directions uniformly, having a uniform hair sewing rate, and manufacturing hair sewn products having attractive appearance and high pass rate.

LI, Baoting (No. 43, Xiaoyin Guanli Yi Jie Torch Development Zon, Zhongshan Guangdong 0, 528400, CN)
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February 14, 2019
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September 27, 2017
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HASBRO TOYS (SHENZHEN) LTD. (Unit 101-103, 105-108 Level 1, Level 2, and Unit 306-308, 311, Level 3,Nanhai Ecool Innovation Park, Building 6, Xinghua Road, Shekou, Nanshan Distric, Shenzhen Guangdong 3, 518053, CN)
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A63H3/44; D05C15/02
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P. C. & ASSOCIATES (9th Floor, Scitech TowerNo. 22 Jian Guo Men Wai Avenue, Chaoyang District, Beijing 4, 100004, CN)
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