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WIPO Patent Application WO/2016/126064
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Disclosed is an automatically opening/closing wind power generation device wherein upper and lower rotating plates are identically fabricated and installed about a center fixed shaft; an excessive rotation prevention shaft and an automatically opening/closing machine are fabricated and vertically fixed in the space formed therebetween; when an opening/closing plate, which is attached to the automatically opening/closing machine, is pushed backwards by a force generated by wind that collides therewith, no matter what direction the wind comes from, the opening/closing plate collides with the excessive rotation prevention shaft, which is installed on the rear side, and is closed; when a circular rotating body rotates by means of a force obtained from wind, the excessive rotation prevention shaft changes its position and is positioned in front of the opening/closing plate; as a result, the opening/closing plate opens backwards from the excessive rotation prevention shaft and is automatically closed by the force of wind; the opening/closing plate repeats the process of opening and closing, and the circular rotating body rotates accordingly; a multipolar low-speed generator is installed on the bottom surface thereof, and has a cylindrical shape; the generator has a central hollow portion, and multiple coils are fabricated as stators using a copper wire, arranged circularly at the center of the generator, and fixed; rotors are fabricated with the same specification, magnetic force, and number as those of the stators and are installed on both surfaces of the stators such that N-S poles face each other; when the stators (coils) are made to pass, a magnetic field is generated, thereby generating electricity; when a horizontal wing plate support table and a variable table are fabricated and installed on the rear surface of the circular rotating body so as to play on a center support table, the same rotate 360° about the circular rotating body; a horizontal wing plate, which is installed with an inclination, is pushed towards the circular rotating body, when a strong wind blows, and contacts a control friction plate, which is installed on the bottom surface of a lower rotating plate, by means of a control plate, which is installed on the horizontal wing plate support table; and, as a result, a control function is activated, thereby preventing rotation at an excessive rate and avoiding self-damage.

NAM, Jung Ho (9 Sijang-gil Yeongsan-myeon, Changnyeong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do, 50344, KR)
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Publication Date:
September 29, 2016
Filing Date:
February 01, 2016
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NAM, Jung Ho (9 Sijang-gil Yeongsan-myeon, Changnyeong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do, 50344, KR)
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F03D3/06; F03D3/00; F03D7/06
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