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WIPO Patent Application WO/2018/116749
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[Problem] To provide an autonomous radiation pattern generation antenna control device capable of setting a weight amount so that an appropriate radiation pattern can be generated according to a wireless environment. [Solution] An antenna control device comprises: a weight unit 101 in which a weight value to be superimposed on a transmission/reception signal is set in order to form a radiation pattern using a plurality of antennas; a weight synthesis unit 102 which superimposes the weight value of the weight unit 101 on the transmission/reception signal; a null scan unit 400 which outputs a reception level in the arrival direction of a reception signal; an arrival direction detection unit 310 which detects the arrival direction of the reception signal from the reception level; a distribution information calculation unit 320 which calculates distribution information of the detected arrival direction; and a radiation pattern selection unit 330 which selects a radiation pattern on the basis of the distribution information, and sets a weight value corresponding to the selected radiation pattern in the weight unit 101.

YOTSUMOTO, Koji (32 Miyuki-cho, Kodaira-sh, Tokyo 11, 〒1878511, JP)
YASUI, Satoru (32 Miyuki-cho, Kodaira-sh, Tokyo 11, 〒1878511, JP)
SHOJI, Teppei (32 Miyuki-cho, Kodaira-sh, Tokyo 11, 〒1878511, JP)
ISHII, Takahito (32 Miyuki-cho, Kodaira-sh, Tokyo 11, 〒1878511, JP)
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Publication Date:
June 28, 2018
Filing Date:
November 27, 2017
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HITACHI KOKUSAI ELECTRIC INC. (5-12, Nishi-shimbashi 2-chomeMinato-k, Tokyo 39, 〒1058039, JP)
International Classes:
H04B7/08; H01Q3/26; H01Q25/00; H04W16/28
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