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WIPO Patent Application WO/2014/175579
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The present invention relates to a ball game platform and, more particularly, to a ball game platform enabling the user to throw a ball to a distant place using a seesaw scheme and to learn the principle of leverage, which makes it easier lift an object. Conventional ball game platforms provide a game, similar to basketball, in which a launcher is pulled and then released to throw the ball by its own elasticity into the basketball stand. A horn needs to be pulled to obtain reaction, such force not being easily exerted by the elderly, and the ball must be placed after the horn has been pulled, making it difficult for the elderly to enjoy the game for a long time. Furthermore, separation of the basketball stand and the launcher poses a storage-related problem. The present invention provides a ball game platform configured such that a ball is placed on a ball seating table of a throw rotation table, according to the seesaw scheme, and the ball is thrown by reaction resulting from force applied to the handle on the other end; the user can grab the thrown ball, as in baseball, or put the ball into a storage chest body to score a point, as in basketball; the user can also enjoy a game of riding on the storage chest body using a caster of the storage chest body and traveling to and from a return point; the support chest body can be contained in the storage chest body and moved safely at a reduced volume, solving the problem of storage place; and the user can also learn about the action and reaction of force of a lever, which lifts an object, by moving the center of rotation of the throw rotation table.

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HWANG, Yeon Ja (20230 70gil Namank5ro Samhyangeup, Muangun, Jeollanam-do 534-821, 534-821, KR)
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October 30, 2014
Filing Date:
April 07, 2014
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HWANG, Yeon Ja (20230 70gil Namank5ro Samhyangeup, Muangun, Jeollanam-do 534-821, 534-821, KR)
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A63H33/18; A63H33/00
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MO, Hyo Sin (4th Floor, 3 81gil Nonhyunro,Gangnamgu, Seoul 135-924, 135-924, KR)
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