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WIPO Patent Application WO/2014/097767
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The purpose of the present invention is to provide a ball joint dust cover with good sealability that is able, even in low temperature environments, to limit the occurrence of gapping of the so-called small diameter opening and to effectively prevent infiltration of sediment and dust into the dust cover from the outside due to reduction in sealing performance at the small diameter opening. A ball joint dust cover made of a rubber-like elastic material in which: the ball head section formed on one end of a ball stud is held in a socket; the shaft of the other end of the ball stud is tightened and fixed to a knuckle; the large diameter opening of one end is fixed and held on the outer circumferential surface of the socket; the small diameter opening at the other end, to which a hard ring is integrally molded, is held on the shaft; and a membrane section, which connects the large diameter opening of the one end to the small diameter opening of the other end, is provided. The ball joint dust cover has a configuration wherein the inner circumferential surface of the hard ring is mated with the outer circumferential surface of a retainer, which has a cylindrical portion that is fitted and held on the outer circumferential surface of the shaft.

HOSEN Tatsuro (590-1Jitogata,Makinohara-sh, Shizuoka 32, 〒4210532, JP)
IWASAKA Takayoshi (590-1Jitogata,Makinohara-sh, Shizuoka 32, 〒4210532, JP)
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June 26, 2014
Filing Date:
November 11, 2013
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NOK CORPORATION (12-15, Shibadaimon 1-chomeMinato-k, Tokyo 85, 〒1058585, JP)
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F16C11/06; F16J3/04; F16J15/52
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See also references of EP 2937581A4
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TAKATSUKA Ichiro (NOK CORPORATION 4-3-1,Tsujido-shinmachi, Fujisawa-Sh, Kanagawa 42, 〒2510042, JP)
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