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WIPO Patent Application WO/2017/208282
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A base station comprises: a plurality of antennas configured to perform directional reception of initial access requests from a plurality of user terminals; a probability function generator configured to generate a probability function for a plurality of regions within a radio coverage area of the base station, the probability function having a peak at a candidate region among the plurality of regions, in which one of the plurality of user terminals has been found in a previous scan; a beam sweep controller configured to scan the plurality of regions in descending order of probabilities given by the probability function for the plurality of regions; and a power comparator configured to compare a received power level from a scanned region with a predetermined threshold value during the scanning by the beam sweep controller, and, if the received power level from the scanned region is greater than the predetermined threshold value, update the candidate region with the scanned region and stop scanning by the beam sweep controller over a remaining part of the plurality of regions.

DILEEP, Kumar (7-1 Shiba 5-chome, Minato-k, Tokyo 01, 〒1088001, JP)
ISHII, Naoto (7-1 Shiba 5-chome, Minato-k, Tokyo 01, 〒1088001, JP)
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Publication Date:
December 07, 2017
Filing Date:
June 01, 2016
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NEC CORPORATION (7-1 Shiba 5-chome, Minato-ku Tokyo, 01, 〒1088001, JP)
International Classes:
H04B7/08; H04W8/00; H04W48/16
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Attorney, Agent or Firm:
KATO, Asamichi (20-12 Shin-Yokohama 3-chome, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama-sh, Kanagawa 33, 〒2220033, JP)
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