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WIPO Patent Application WO/2017/209101
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The purpose of the present invention is to provide a battery and a method for manufacturing the same, capable of reducing the time required to supply an electrolytic solution into an exterior body having an atypical shape and to cause the electrolytic solution to infiltrate the whole interior of an electrode body. A battery (100) according to the present invention is provided with: an electrode body having a positive electrode, a negative electrode, and a separator provided between the positive electrode and the negative electrode; an electrolytic solution; and an exterior body (20) having a shape other than a rectangular parallelepiped or a cuboid and housing the electrode body and the electrolytic solution. The exterior body (20) has a plurality of inner surfaces in a direction in which the positive electrode, the separator, and the negative electrode are arranged. The exterior body (20) has, in the largest inner surface among the plurality of inner surfaces, a liquid supply port (30) through which the electrolytic solution is supplied. A retaining region in which the electrolytic solution supplied through the liquid supply port (30) can be temporarily retained while the electrolytic solution is supplied is provided between the electrode body and the largest inner surface of the exterior body (20). Among regions present between the electrode body and the inner surfaces of the exterior body (20), a region adjacent to the retaining region is large enough to suppress the outflow of the electrolytic solution supplied to the retaining region.

ISHIHAMA, Kazuya (10-1, Higashikotari 1-chome, Nagaokakyo-sh, Kyoto 55, 〒6178555, JP)
MATSUZAKI, Yasuhiro (10-1, Higashikotari 1-chome, Nagaokakyo-sh, Kyoto 55, 〒6178555, JP)
NIINO, Tatsuo (10-1, Higashikotari 1-chome, Nagaokakyo-sh, Kyoto 55, 〒6178555, JP)
HORIE, Takuya (10-1, Higashikotari 1-chome, Nagaokakyo-sh, Kyoto 55, 〒6178555, JP)
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Publication Date:
December 07, 2017
Filing Date:
May 30, 2017
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MURATA MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD. (10-1, Higashikotari 1-chome Nagaokakyo-sh, Kyoto 55, 〒6178555, JP)
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H01M10/058; H01M2/02; H01M2/36; H01M10/04; H01M10/0566
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NISHIZAWA, Hitoshi et al. (5th Floor, Daido Seimei Minami-kan 1-2-11, Edobori, Nishi-ku, Osaka-sh, Osaka 02, 〒5500002, JP)
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