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WIPO Patent Application WO/2017/135046
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In a belt-type stepless transmission, a ball joint (9) has: a ball housing (25) provided to a threaded shaft (19); a seat member (26) accommodated within the ball housing (25); a ball bearing (27) held in a rockable manner by the seat member (26); and a connection pin (28) extending from an arm (13) and fitted in the ball bearing (27). A through-hole (30) through which the connection pin (28) extends is provided in the ball housing (25). A first stopper surface (32) is provided on the inner periphery of the through-hole (30), the first stopper surface (32) coming in contact with the outer peripheral surface (28c) of the connection pin (28) to restrict the angle of rotation of the threaded shaft (19) about an axis (X1) to a predetermined angle α. As a result, a pulley can be driven while the rotational force of the motor is accurately converted into the thrust of the threaded shaft.

NISHIMURA Manabu (39-5, Aza Daizen, Ueta-cho, Toyohashi-sh, Aichi 60, 〒4418560, JP)
OKAMOTO Teruhisa (39-5, Aza Daizen, Ueta-cho, Toyohashi-sh, Aichi 60, 〒4418560, JP)
YOSHIDA Yoshihiro (39-5, Aza Daizen, Ueta-cho, Toyohashi-sh, Aichi 60, 〒4418560, JP)
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Publication Date:
August 10, 2017
Filing Date:
January 19, 2017
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MUSASHI SEIMITSU INDUSTRY CO., LTD. (39-5, Aza Daizen Ueta-cho, Toyohashi-sh, Aichi 60, 〒4418560, JP)
International Classes:
F16H9/18; F16C11/06; F16H25/20
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
OCHIAI & CO. (TO Building, 6-3 Taito 2-chome, Taito-k, Tokyo 16, 〒1100016, JP)
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