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WIPO Patent Application WO/2017/073965
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The present invention relates to a bicycle ABS device provided at a disc brake of a bicycle so as to perform an ABS function and, more specifically, to a bicycle ABS device in which fluid is moved by the operation of a brake lever such that a pad fixes the disc brake, provided at a wheel, by hydraulic pressure, the ABS device comprising: the disc brake provided at the wheel so as to rotate together with the wheel, and having braking parts continuously alternated in a shape in which the braking parts curve inwards in the direction of an outer circular arc shape and curve outwards again; a transfer hose through which the fluid or a part of the fluid, moved by the operation of the brake lever provided at the bicycle, is moved; a main body provided at the upper side of the disc brake such that a cylinder part, into which the fluid moved from the transfer hose flows, is formed therein, a first hinge piece is provided at one side of the upper part thereof, and a second hinge piece is provided at the lower part thereof; an operating piece positioned so as to be movable forward by the hydraulic pressure of the fluid having flowed from the inside of the cylinder part of the main body, and including a return spring provided at one side thereof and applying elastic force such that the operating piece is moved by the hydraulic pressure and then moved to the original position thereof; a rod body positioned at the front thereof to which the operating piece is moved, and of which the end portion protrudes from the outside of the main body such that the rod body is moved forward according to the movement of the operating piece, and returns together with the operating piece by the return spring after being moved; a hinge body fixed to the first hinge piece, which is formed at the main body, such that the upper side thereof is hinge-rotated, and hinge-rotated around the first hinge piece by the rod body when the operating piece and the rod body are moved forward by the hydraulic pressure; an operating body fixed such that the middle portion thereof is hinge-rotated by the second hinge piece of the main body, and having one end portion thereof having a ground part protruding upward so as to rub against the hinge body when the hinge body is hinge-rotated, thereby promoting hinged rotation around the second hinge piece, and the other end portion thereof protruding downward such that a pumping roller is formed at the protruding end portion and pumped by the braking part of the disc brake so as to alternately perform braking or non-braking operations when the ground part rubs against the hinge body and is hinge-rotated; and a torsion spring provided at the second hinge piece and the operating body, and providing the elastic force in the direction opposite to the direction, in which the operating body is hinge-rotated by the hinge body, so as to hinge-rotate the hinge body and the operating body to the original positions thereof when the operating piece and the rod body return to the original positions thereof. Therefore, when the brake lever is operated, the pumping roller is pumped by the braking part of the disc brake so as to prevent the locking of the wheels, thereby obtaining safe and reliable braking performance such that an accident minimizing effect is exhibited.

NAM, Hak Gi (101-1010, 39 Obong-ro,Buk-gu, Daegu, 41546, KR)
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May 04, 2017
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October 21, 2016
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NAM, Hak Gi (101-1010, 39 Obong-ro,Buk-gu, Daegu, 41546, KR)
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B62L1/00; B60T8/00; B60T8/176; B62L1/10; B62L3/02; F16D57/06
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JO, Chi Hoon (1210, 327 Teheran-ro,Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 06150, KR)
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