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WIPO Patent Application WO/2016/139827
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The present invention provides a simple-structured binding device capable of easily and reliably binding a sheet, a net, etc., to a bar-like member with a string-like member. A binding device (1) is a member for binding a string-like member (40) to a bar-like member, and is provided with: a plate-like base member (10) to be fixed to a side surface of the bar-like member; a plate-like holding member (20) facing the base member; a locking pin (30) that connects and locks the base member and the holding member (20) at the centers thereof; and the string-like member (40) that is inserted into through-holes (11h) provided in a side edge portion (11) of the base member. In the vicinity of side edge portions (11 and 21) of the base member and the holding member, a gap (45) is formed so as to gradually expand outward. Concave portions (15 and 25) into which the string-like member (40) is pressed are formed at opposed sides of the base member and/or the holding member. A number of protrusions (26) are provided on an inner surface of the concave portion (15). A concave curved portion (10b) is provided such that the bottom face of the base member fits onto the side surface of the cylindrical bar-like member.

BITO Norio (2-8-17, Akutami minamiyamaGifu-sh, Gifu 33, 〒5013133, JP)
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September 09, 2016
Filing Date:
August 05, 2015
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BITO Norio (2-8-17, Akutami minamiyamaGifu-sh, Gifu 33, 〒5013133, JP)
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B65B67/00; B65D63/10
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MATSUI Katsuyoshi (1867, TamezaniShirotori-cho,Gujo-sh, Gifu 22, 〒5015122, JP)
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