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WIPO Patent Application WO/2016/185635
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Provided is a biomass gasification device which generates water gas after carbonizing biomass. The biomass gasification device allows the temperature of the pyrolytic gasification furnace to be quickly and uniformly stabilized with small thermal loss, and prevents reaction residue after the biomass is pyrolyzed and gasified from adhering to the inside of the gasification device. This biomass gasification device includes a main body, a first cylindrical body, a first cut out member, a first cylinder, a first screw conveyor, a second cylindrical body, a second cut out member, a second cylinder, and a second screw conveyor. The first cylinder is provided so as to axially pass through the main body, the first cylindrical body and the first cut out member. The first screw conveyor, the second screw conveyor, and the second cylindrical body each has a gasifying agent supply port.

TAKAHASHI Kiminori (First City Ohmiya 212, 7-46-9 Higashi-ohmiya, Minuma-ku, Saitama-cit, Saitama 51, 〒3370051, JP)
YAMAMOTO Takashi (2-9-5, Kamogawa Okegawa-cit, Saitama 24, 〒3630024, JP)
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November 24, 2016
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December 17, 2015
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TESNA ENERGY CO., LTD. (1-34-4, Kanda-sudacho Chiyoda-k, Tokyo 41, 〒1010041, JP)
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C10J3/62; B09B3/00; B65G33/14; C10J3/02; C10J3/26
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See also references of EP 3118282A4
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ISHIHARA Yukinori et al. (ISHIHARA & ISHIHARA, Miyamasuzaka ST Building 9F 1-8-6, Shibuya, Shibuya-k, Tokyo 02, 〒1500002, JP)
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