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WIPO Patent Application WO/2018/012142
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Provided is human body movement detection wear in which a conductive harness employing a fabric is applied. A work glove (50), which is an example of this human body movement detection wear, is worn on the hand of a person and detects movement of the fingers of the person. The work glove (50) includes: a gyro sensor module that is provided on a back part of the work glove (50), which corresponds to a first part of the human body, and that detects first physical quantities (angular velocity, angular acceleration) of the first part; acceleration sensor modules (60) that are provided on a thumb part and an index finger part of the work glove (50), which correspond to a second part of the human body, located across from the first part with the joints therebetween, and that detect second physical quantities (velocity, acceleration) of the second part; and conductive harnesses (2) through which signals output from the sensors electrically flow. The conductive harnesses (2) are adhered to the work glove (50), which is the wear.

TANAKA Hideki (163 Morikawara-cho, Moriyama-sh, Shiga 01, 〒5248501, JP)
KURIHARA Kenji (163 Morikawara-cho, Moriyama-sh, Shiga 01, 〒5248501, JP)
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January 18, 2018
Filing Date:
June 05, 2017
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GUNZE LIMITED (1 Zeze, Aono-cho Ayabe-sh, Kyoto 11, 〒6238511, JP)
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A61B5/11; D04B1/00; D04B1/14; D06M17/00; H01B7/06; H01R4/02; A61B5/0408; A61B5/0478; H01B5/12
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YASUDA Mikio (YASUDA & OKAMOTO, 7 & 6th Floor Shori Building, 7-19, Takaida-hondori 7-chom, Higashi-Osaka-shi Osaka 66, 〒5770066, JP)
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