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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/006796
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A blending process, relating to the technical field of textile processes, and comprising the following steps: 1. measuring the maximum tensile strength of a rayon filament, i.e., the maximum pressure that can be applied to the rayon filament; 2. placing a polyester filament into a water steaming tank and steaming same for 45 min at a water temperature of 85-100°C; 3. placing the polyester filament in step 2 under an air vent for ventilation, and conducting pre-shaping for 15-25 h; and 4. adopting a hydraulic loom to conduct blending on the rayon filament and the polyester filament at the maximum pressure. The blending process is complete in scheme and simple in process, can make the properties of the rayon filament matched with those of the polyester filament better, thereby facilitating follow-up processes, and can obviously reduce the quantity of weaving bars on every hectometer of weaved fabric.

XU, Dan (Room 105, Happy New Home Building 1 Happy Streets,Gangzha Distric, Nantong Jiangsu 0, 226600, CN)
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January 10, 2019
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July 27, 2017
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NANTONG VATICAN TEXTILE CO., LTD (XU Dan, China 's Jiangsu Province Nantong City Gangzha District Happy Streets Happy New Home Building 1, Room 10, Nantong Jiangsu 0, 226600, CN)
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D03D15/00; D02G3/04
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BEIJING GAOHANG INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AGENCY CO., LTD (ZHAO, YongqiangRoom 305, 3 / F, Huasheng International Building, 12 Yabao Road, Chaoyang District Beijing 3, 100123, CN)
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