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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/066652
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The invention relates to a packaging in the form of a plastic PET bottle (1) for packaging liquids such as water, soft drinks and the like, carbonated or non-carbonated. The plastic bottle (1) is, provided on the neck (8) with a special screw thread, whereby the closing cap (42, 5), also embodied.with a special screw thread with a short stroke, can be twisted open and shut. The cap (42) and neck (8) hereby have a low height, which is material-saving. The plastic bottle (1) is provided with a hollow space (20) which serves to enable the bottle (1) to be stacked with bottles of the same shape, the shape of the bottle (1) also being adapted to the shape of the hollow space (20) in the bottom of the bottle (1) so that stacking of the bottles becomes possible. The hollow space (20) also provides the option of placing a cooling element (30) in the hollow space (20) so as to thus keep the content cool for a longer time. The cooling element (30) and the bottle (1) have a mutually adapted snap connection which ensures that the element remains in position when it is placed in the bottle (1). The cooling element (30) is provided with a grip for placing and removing the element. The content of the cooling element (30) can consist of water and/or cooling liquid.

SMART HOLDING B.V. (Dorpsweg 63, 4221 LH Hoogblokland, NL)
VAN GOOLEN, Corstiaan Johannes (Dorpsweg 63, 4221 LH Hoogblokland, NL)
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July 04, 2019
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September 27, 2018
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SMART HOLDING B.V. (Dorpsweg 63, 4221 LH Hoogblokland, NL)
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A47G19/22; A47G19/12; B65D1/02; B65D21/02; B65D23/12; B65D41/04; B65D81/18; F25D3/08
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HYLARIDES, Paul, Jacques (Arnold & Siedsma, Bezuidenhoutseweg 57, 2594 AC Den Haag, NL)
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