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WIPO Patent Application WO/2018/021587
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The present invention relates to a box for a rotary type sculpture with decorative and additional functions. With a box for a sculpture having a hook structure for continuous activity in which a rotary body does not deviate even in vertical and horizontal or inverted states, in order to allow a user to appreciate the appearance of the box and a prayer or appreciation inducing character or pattern on a sculpture, an artwork, etc. stored in the box while rotating the same at a fixed position, to allow a method for obtaining fragrance, anions, far infrared rays, etc. that are beneficial to a human body and a method for reproducing a fricative according to the driving of a resonance chamber to be selectively implemented, and to further maximize interior decoration and appreciation effects by increasing the ease of manufacture of the box for the rotary type sculpture by the addition of a decorative member or deformation of the shape of the box and by beautiful decoration, the present invention comprises: a rotary body (20) which is in a ring shape having an installation hole (21) drilled at the central part thereof and has an outer peripheral friction groove (22) formed on the outer periphery thereof; a rotation means (30) which rotates the rotary body (20) by means of friction with the outer peripheral friction groove (22), and is formed by a plurality of friction members (32) and a string (34) connecting the friction members (32) so that the rotary body (20) can rotate manually or automatically; a support (40) which has a lower end side located within the installation hole (21) of the rotary body (20) and rotates around the installation hole (21) by receiving a torque of the rotary body (20) generated by the operation of the rotary means (30) caused by friction with the inner periphery of the rotary body (20); and a box (50) of which a lower end side (50a) is located between the rotary body (20) and the support (40) such that the box (50) is rotated while touching the inner periphery of the rotary body (20), and an upper end side (50b) protrudes and extends outwards from the support (40) to form an accommodation part (59) for accommodating the sculpture or the artwork therein. When power is applied unidirectionally in a state where the friction members (32) of the rotary means (30) are gripped, the friction members (32) continuously touch the outer peripheral friction groove (22) of the rotary body (20) to cause continuous rotation.

SEOK, Chang Ho (WooBang-Town 101dong 507ho, 32 Jisan-ro,Suseong-gu, Daegu, 42207, KR)
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February 01, 2018
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July 26, 2016
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SEOK, Chang Ho (WooBang-Town 101dong 507ho, 32 Jisan-ro,Suseong-gu, Daegu, 42207, KR)
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B44C5/08; B44C3/00; E04H13/00
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LEE, Koo Bong (Korea patent, 3F Industrial Bank of Korea, 212, Guma-ro,Dalseo-gu, Daegu, 42736, KR)
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