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WIPO Patent Application WO/2017/141695
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A cable connection mechanism provided with a slider and a slider-housing member, wherein the hinges are not susceptible to damage because: the slider-housing member comprises a lid component, a bottom component, a pair of side walls, a hinge towards one end connecting the lid component to the bottom component, a hinge towards the other end connecting the lid component to the bottom component, a first engagement structure provided on the outer surface of the slider-housing member closer to the one end than the hinge towards the one end, a second engagement structure, a third engagement structure, a fourth engagement structure, cable extension sections, and walls disposed between the hinge towards one end and the hinge towards the other end. When, in the closed state, a load is applied on the cables so as to release the closed state by pressure on the lid component and/or the bottom component, the walls abut against the outer circumference of the other of the lid component and the bottom component and restrict movement of the lid component or the bottom component in the direction in which the pair of side walls are side by side.

YOSHIDA, Sho (12-28 Sakaemachi 1-chome, Takarazuka-sh, Hyogo 45, 〒6650845, JP)
TAMURA, Masaki (12-28 Sakaemachi 1-chome, Takarazuka-sh, Hyogo 45, 〒6650845, JP)
HASEGAWA, Tatsuhiko (12-28 Sakaemachi 1-chome, Takarazuka-sh, Hyogo 45, 〒6650845, JP)
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Publication Date:
August 24, 2017
Filing Date:
January 31, 2017
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HI-LEX CORPORATION (12-28, Sakaemachi 1-chome Takarazuka-sh, Hyogo 45, 〒6650845, JP)
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F16C1/10; F16C1/14; F16C1/16
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