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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/114199
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A caloric synergistic environment-friendly reclamation method for a waste integrated circuit board, comprising a carbonization pyrolysis system, a crushing separating system, a gasification pyrolysis system, and a calorific value utilization and comprehensive recovery system. Compared with the prior art, the carbonization pyrolysis system can realize dry distillation pyrolysis of an organic matter in the waste integrated circuit board. Carbon, hydrogen and other elements can be converted into carbonization pyrolysis gas and pyrolysis oil serving as fuel. The combustion heat of the carbonization pyrolysis gas serves as energy required for carbonization pyrolysis to achieve auto thermal carbonization pyrolysis. Carbonization pyrolysis products are crushed and separated. The problems that it is difficult to crush and the organic matter is wrapped by metal due to direct crushing and separation of the traditional circuit board are solved. The crushing effect and the separation effect are improved. The carbonization pyrolysis system realizes comprehensive utilization of residual carbon. The generated gasification pyrolysis gas can be used as a heat source required for subsequent valuable metal recycling so as to further improve the utilization rate of the caloric value. The technical solution has a high caloric value utilization rate, is low in energy consumption, and is high in metal recycling rate. The short-process recycling of the valuable metal can be realized and the smoke is free of pollution.

PAN, Dean (No. 100 Ping Le Yuan, ChaoYang District, Beijing 4, 100124, CN)
WU, Yufeng (No. 100 Ping Le Yuan, ChaoYang District, Beijing 4, 100124, CN)
ZUO, Tieyong (No. 100 Ping Le Yuan, ChaoYang District, Beijing 4, 100124, CN)
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Publication Date:
June 20, 2019
Filing Date:
May 28, 2018
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BEIJING UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY (No. 100 Ping Le Yuan, ChaoYang District, Beijing 4, 100124, CN)
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B09B3/00; B09B5/00; C10B53/00
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
BEIJING SIHAI TIANDA INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AGENCY LTD. (Room 302, The East Wing of Old LibraryBeijing University of Technology,No. 100, Ping Le Yuan, Chao Yang District, Beijing 4, 100124, CN)
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