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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/091380
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The disclosure relates to a mobile terminal, includes a display screen, a border and a rear housing, the display screen and the rear housing being respectively disposed on two sides of the border, a mounting member being disposed between the display screen and the rear housing. The mobile terminal also includes a camera device connected to the mounting member, and the camera device includes a camera unit and a bracket. The bracket includes a frame body and a fixing portion connected to the frame body, the frame body defines a receiving space, and the camera unit is partially accommodated in the receiving space. The fixing portion is provided with a joint portion, and the joint portion is configured to connect the mounting member by hot melting. The fixing portion is set on a side of the frame body facing away from the receiving space, and the camera device is connected to the mounting member by the fixing portion. The disclosure also relates to the camera device and bracket of the above mobile terminal.

CHEN, Jia (No. 18 Haibin Road, Wusha Chang'a, Dongguan Guangdong 0, 523860, CN)
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Publication Date:
May 16, 2019
Filing Date:
November 06, 2018
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GUANGDONG OPPO MOBILE TELECOMMUNICATIONS CORP., LTD. (No. 18 Haibin Road, Wusha Chang'a, Dongguan Guangdong 0, 523860, CN)
International Classes:
H04M1/02; H04N5/225
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
SHENZHEN ZHIQUAN INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OFFICE (1801, 2th Bld.Xunmei Science and Technology Square,Yuehai Street, 8 Keyuan Rd., Nanshan Distric, Shenzhen Guangdong 7, 518057, CN)
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