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WIPO Patent Application WO/2017/204061
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The present invention provides a ceramic lattice that is of high-strength and superior in spalling resistance. This ceramic lattice (1) has a plurality of first striated parts (10) and a plurality of second striated parts (20). Each of the first striated parts (10) has a cross-sectional shape that, at a place other than an intersection (2), comprises a linear section (10A) and a convex curved section (10B) having two ends thereof formed at both ends of the linear section (10A). Each of the second striated parts (20) has a cross-section that, at a place other than the intersection (2), is of a circular or elliptical shape. In a longitudinal sectional view of the intersection (2), the first striated part (10) and the second striated part (20) are in contact with each other only at the crown of the convex curved section (10B) in the first striated part (10) and the crown of the downward convex section in the circular or elliptical shape of the second striated part (20).

KUROMURA, Tetsumune (3-1, Asamuta-machi, Omuta-sh, Fukuoka 17, 〒8360817, JP)
ARIMA, Takeshi (3-1, Asamuta-machi, Omuta-sh, Fukuoka 17, 〒8360817, JP)
HONDA, Kouji (3-1, Asamuta-machi, Omuta-sh, Fukuoka 17, 〒8360817, JP)
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Publication Date:
November 30, 2017
Filing Date:
May 17, 2017
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MITSUI MINING & SMELTING CO., LTD. (1-11-1 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku Tokyo, 84, 〒1418584, JP)
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C04B35/64; F27D3/12
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SHOWA INTERNATIONAL PATENT FIRM (NIKKEN AKASAKA BLDG, 7F. 5-7, Akasaka 2-chome, Minato-K, Tokyo 52, 〒1070052, JP)
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